Who #RunTheWorlds? This girl!

Did you know Beyoncé and I have something in common? No, it’s not the fashion sense, and nope,  it’s not amazing dancing (although I have been known to tear up a dancefloor)…

… It’s that we’re both running the world… I have no plans to overthrow any nation but I DO plan to run the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships taking place in my home city this March. Quite frankly my dears, I’m more than excited! Unfortunately, Queen Bey will not be taking part.


The Championships last came to the UK in 2009 when they were held in Birmingham, England. This year’s event will be different. It will be the first time the UK has hosted a mass race alongside the elite runners and Cardiff cannot wait for this opportunity! Only 25,000 spaces have been released for this epic event and I’m one of those lucky people.

After my knee-ggle (knee niggle if you will!), it’s so nice to be back in training again. Doing things like Parkrun, running with the girls and feeling great after attempting a further run, there’s nothing like it. I’ve missed the fresh air and amazing sense of achievement you get doing things step by step.

Excited much?!

As part of the press and build up, the organisers have been doing the rounds with the World Half Countdown Clock, where excited runners can have their photos taken alongside it. I was lucky enough, through my awesome job with the awesome Tenovus Cancer Care (look them up, they’re a fab charity!) to have mine taken. Excited? Beyond belief! As you can see…

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for today, my brand spanking new runners arrived by Amazon mail today. The lady in the Post Office must’ve thought I was off my rocker. I was pretty excited about my trainers and decided to tell her this, what they were and why I had them. No one needs to know the level of smell your house has because you decided it was wise to run through muddy puddles on a Sunday afternoon. Somethings are best kept to yourself!

Here they are…

shoesMy beautiful new Asics Gel Pulse 7 trainers. Neutral gait, brightly coloured with support in the right places. I’ve progressed from support shoes to neutral which is awesome. Thanks to doing my strength building, I’ve managed to get myself into these.

Took them for a little test run and they were beauts. Comfortable in the right places, kept my feet well aligned and cold toes? A thing of the past! Love love love the bright colours and they stand out something lovely. I took them for a cheeky 5k run out in the cold after it took me over an hour to get home in horrible traffic from work. I just needed to get out into the fresh air and burn off the anxiety. I get all shaky and grumpy and it’s not a great feeling. But running can help to calm those things.

IMG_5171When I got back all red faced and smelling slightly unpleasant, my fabulous other half had cooked up a storm with homemade Spaghetti Carbonara… Absolute treat! He spoils me rotten… Some might say treats me like Queen B which is pretty bloody splendid! He’s very accepting of his lady just needing to do a quick sprint off into the wilderness to calm the hell down. Something I very very much appreciate.

Also, loving my food, I very much loved being fed and having quality time chatting over spaghetti and Garlic Bread… A real food addiction in our household!

And if anyone else is the same as me and just loves being in their pyjamas, then you will definitely understand the next high fashion photograph and nod in agreement that these are the things to be in when you’re all run out…

IMG_5172So, although I might not be one to strut my stuff on the dancefloor with any sort of conviction, or dress as fashionably as I’d like, or earn the millions, me and Bey Bey have much in common in our running the world. I do it through training, eating, sitting in my pjs and dancing around with no co-ordination in the privacy of my own home (or a Zumba class) whereas Beyoncé is a Crazy in Love diva, training, eating well and dancing around with more co-ordination for crowds all over the world. Bet she’d be jealous of these beauties…

Queen Bey, eat your heart out.


5 thoughts on “Who #RunTheWorlds? This girl!

  1. Woo for Cardiff world half!! Glad to see your trainings going well and you are feeling super motivated. I’m feeling the opposite of motivated at the moment – I hope that changes soon! Its terrifying that its only 74 days away aaaahhh!! Hope the rest of your training goes well! See you at the race!

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  2. What a cool opportunity! I can’t wait to read all about your experience at that race 🙂 I love “knee-ggle” and may have to borrow that term to describe my own wonky knees! Those new trainers are pretty fabulous, I love the colors. Well done transitioning to neutral shoes!! Now I know there’s hope that I may able to do the same someday!

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