Forgive me readers for I have cleansed…

This blog was written in the throws of one giant migraine, hideous nausea and general grumpiness  a few days ago… But, it does have a very valid point.

How many of you guys have heard of the C9 Cleanse? And how many of you guys have done it? And completed it?

I’m on Day 5 of the 9… And I feel awful 😦

C9So if you’ve not heard of it before, the C9 is a 9 day cleanse from Forever Living that helps to get rid of all the bad toxins in your body, gives you more energy & could help to kick start a healthy living programme if you’re not already on the way to one.

So after Christmas, if you’ve eaten a bit too much, drunk a bit too much or just feel really tired, this would be a great way of detoxing. It advises to drink plenty of water, doing exercise and eating right. Generally common sense right? But the added ingredient into this is the Aloe Vera. I’m already an Aloe convert anyway, drinking 60ml every morning before leaving the house. I’ve been doing it for 3 months now and find it gives me more energy, helps my tummy when I’m running long distances (I used to get Runner’s Tummy quite frequently!) and has been pretty good for my immune system.

So I was game to give this programme a go.

Now, I’m not an unhealthy person by any means. My reasons for doing it?

1. I’ve become a Forever Living Business Owner (will write a little something about this soon!) so wanted to try this out

2. I wanted to see if it would help me to stop/control my sugar cravings

3. I wanted to see if it would help with my sleep

4. I wanted to see if it made my anxiety any better

I think these reasons are pretty fair & balanced. I did my research & asked people who’d done it what they honestly thought:

  • ‘It’s amazing! You’ll feel so refreshed & energised.’
  • ‘I feel so good after doing it. The best bit? You have so many free foods, you won’t feel hungry!’
  • ‘It totally changed my life, I’m doing another one!’

The main thing for me was the hunger. I don’t do well with being hungry, especially in training for a half marathon. I realise this was a silly move giving it a go now but ultimately, I was looking to see if it would give me more energy.

So, my other half & went healthy food shopping, I made up a Forever protein shakes as instructed & prepared myself for the days to come.

foodDays 1 & 2 – I normally always have my shot of Aloe Vera Gel, oats, a probiotic yoghurt & fruit for breakfast but on this programme, it was the vitamins specified & 2 shots of Aloe Vera. The gel tastes vile but has been really amazing for my immune system & tummy 🙂 Immediately, the action of not eating bothered me. I finished off a punnet of grapes, 2 oranges & 3 cups of hot water/lemon before 11am. Lunch was a shake & salad & tea was more Aloe shots & cooked veg. All of which is extremely good for you and extremely healthy but I missed the actual act of eating? If that makes sense. It felt wrong to not be physically eating breakfast. I think it was the act that ultimately lose my cool.

12400577_10153364343043733_4724972113341829163_nThe night of the first day, we’d been trampolining. Amazing fun for anyone who wants to give it a go! After 15minutes of our hour slot, we were worn out! It’s very good for getting you to let your hair down (or up as you can see in this rather excitable photo of me!) and facing the fear. I’m not very good at this in life or trampolining so I safely stayed put on one trampoline for the hour. I did go a bit crazy and bounce across two… I know right? Mental!

So you can imagine my disgust burning lots of energy and having to sit down to a bowlful of green vegetables. I sulked because Karl had chicken & wedges with his veg.

Days 3-5 So the vitamins & Aloe Vera Gel shots stay the same but you introduce another protein shake & 600 calorie evening meal. It’s just not enough for me. I’ve gone from eating well 90% of the time regularly to eating pretty much nothing. A Zumba session & Parkrun became really hard on no fuel. Dizziness, hungry sickness, grumpiness & wanting to eat everything is currently where I’m at. Felt really spaced out & have the world’s most awesome migraine despite the water I’ve drunk. It was like having a hangover.

Admittedly, in the leaflet it says 30minutes of gentle exercise daily… But I wasn’t told this when it was sold to me. Had I been told ‘You do a lot of exercise so I advise you calm it down for 2weeks when you do this’ or something along those lines, I would’ve done it another time.

I’ve decided to give up because:

  1. I now know what it entails & can advise people who might want to do it that it wasn’t for me but might be for them
  2. My training is suffering
  3. I’m so hungry
  4. I’m in a grouchy mood, thus not helping to improve my mood
  5. Poor Karl has had me whining for days!
  6. I love my food, I eat well most of the time & need the energy for training.

I think I’ve done well this far but I can’t do it anymore. Talking to my best friends in the pub earlier over ANOTHER glass of water made the thought final.

Thoughts from this:

  1. The C9 is great if you want to kickstart something you don’t already do and are slowly introducing exercise into your daily habits
  2. Drinking more water, eating more vegetables/fruit & home cooking can be done without cleansing altogether
  3. Not a good idea for very active folk who exercise intensely for 5/7 days
  4. Good if you want to get rid of a few pounds but healthy eating can do wonders anyway

At the end of the day, it’s each to their own. A LOT of Forever owners rave about it which is cool because it worked well for them and the people they’re selling to.

I’d prefer to use the other awesome products that will help with training & involve eating normally 🙂 I’ll write about these as I use them. Looking forward to sharing those with you!


2 thoughts on “Forgive me readers for I have cleansed…

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I want to be known to be an honest seller of products and those I believe are good. There are some sports products that I’m going to try which are definitely more suited to me 🙂


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