Forever Living Fabulously!

fabSo, yes, this is me. Living fabulously.

I’ve got my amazing friends, family, job, home, running… But you know when you feel like a new challenge too? I mean 2017’s challenge will be running the London Marathon (I’ve already decided!) but what about 2016? I fancied doing something a little different…

My new year’s resolutions included:

  • Getting training advice for running a marathon in 2017 (Making sure I have enough time to prepare and build up gradually)
  • Running the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in my home city in March (the same race as Mo Farah nonetheless!)
  • Taking up crochet (Non-running related and slightly hilarious but pretty therapeutic!) My friend in work who’s teaching me has plenty of patience!
  • Start my own little part time business

Now, I absolutely 100% LOVE LOVE LOVE my job as a charity Digital and PR Officer but I wanted to do something separate to develop some new skills and to earn some more monies to save for a mortgage. Very grown up!

A friend of mine was telling me all about this amazing business opportunity that she’d had given to her and did I want to know more about it. Now usually, I’m sceptical. Very sceptical of people selling me ideas and opportunities. I work in PR and I’ve come across a few people in my career claiming to be Public Relations folk but really they’re sales people. So I’m a pretty good judge and knew immediately, I was being pitched to. Despite that, I met up with my friend, we chatted and she told me all about the business and sent me a link to watch. Needless to say, I wanted to know more.

The normal me would’ve refused outright but 2016 me was like ‘Meh, we’ll just see what’s occurring.’ Well, I did. And I liked. And now I’m part of one of the world’s biggest companies, which is pretty awesome! Forever Living Fabulously is my business name 🙂

what-is-foreverForever Living specialises in Aloe Vera products that can be used by the majority of people from all walks of life. The company is present in 150 countries worldwide and gives plenty of opportunities. What’s more, they do a cracking range of products that I’ve started using for running and am loving them!

Now, coming from someone that is allergic to 80% of things including cosmetics, hair care, skin care products, I’ve got hayfever, allergies to dust, cats, dogs and probably hamsters knowing my luck, my initial thought was ‘Bet I’ll be allergic to it!’ My sister likes to say I’m allergic to life (thanks Sian!). I trialled a few of the products from samples given to me and I started to like what I was using. I signed up, got involved and am slowly replacing products I have with Forever ones. Purely because, they don’t make me itch.

After running, when I’m really in need of a nice bubbly bath to chill out, I always use a well known brand and it almost always brings me out in red patches. Washing my hair after running has been an issue with products making my head itch. I’m currently using Forever Shampoo and Conditioner and Soap and so far, so good.

As I mentioned in my previous blog about the C9 Cleanse, this product just wasn’t for me. But a lot more of them are for me! Like their Aloe Heat Lotion (Deep Heat alternative that doesn’t bring me out in a rash) great for before my runs and something called Argi+ which was awesome when I did my 9mile run and subsequent gym sessions!

I’m enjoying my own little side business so far. I’m learning loads already and hopefully it will help me with both my job and also my love of running.

In the meantime, I’ve got some product testing/reviews to be getting on with.

Keep you posted!





3 thoughts on “Forever Living Fabulously!

      1. That’s great that it’s helping with running and nutrition as well as being a business, that’s cool! My knees are acting up a bit again, but other than that things are ok! 🙂


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