5 important steps to a positive mindset

mindset-is-everything-973858I was at a Success Event on the weekend for my new and part-time business. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was quite interesting.
Every guest speaker who got up to address the 4,000 people in the room swore they reached their goals and got to where they are now with a positive mindset and self belief. Common sense you might say. ‘It takes more than that’ you might add. Agreed. But how many of us doubt our own abilities to succeed? I know I do (I keep being told so)

It immediately made me question how I think when I’m running/training. Before going for a run, I have to be ‘in the mood.’ If I think that I can’t be bothered and that I feel rubbish, guaranteed my run will be the same. Mid running, my mind adapts and is awash with a sense of calm, creative ideas flow and my anxiety is at bay. However, if I come back and it’s been a ‘bad’ run, I’ll mull about it for days, get myself in a state and feel disappointed. However, what if by thinking this way I’m encouraging my negative mindset from the start of the run?

For those who struggle mentally on a run, here are 5 things I learned from the conference about giving your mind a positivity overhaul:

1. Be uplifted– Going for a run should be an idea time for this as we’ll normally be with friends, on our own enjoying the peace, taking in the atmosphere around us or listening to some music to make us feel good. For example, running with the girls from work makes me feel uplifted because we’re all in the same boat in our training! We have a chat, exchange tips and by the time we’ve finished, we’re suitably caught up.

c42f9baffd5ad61d5f8774698b4e597c2. Be proactive – Why wait for someone else to initiate your running? Be the one to suggest to friends/your club that you want to get out there. Ever felt the sense of accomplishment when you’ve pushed everyone to achieve? Same principle. Or, if you’re out running alone, make yourself go and remember the feeling of achievement when you finish.

3. Be curious – Don’t stick to the same paths, same pavements or same grassy areas as usual. As long as it’s safe, mix it up. Take an interest in what’s around you; be curious about what would happen if you turned right instead of left. Curiosity didn’t always kill the cat y’know… It just helped him to find another running route!


4. Be grateful – Instead of complaining about what you think you haven’t achieved, concentrate on what you have. It can be tricky sometimes for us to focus on the positive because we always want to see the bad. Despite my injuries over the past few months, I’m very grateful that I’m able to run and take part in some amazing races. I’ve met some fantastic people and I wouldn’t change me experience.

EXERCISE: Try for one week to write down everyday 3 great things you’ve achieved. It can be anything from a run to family to the fact that it’s not raining on your work commute. See how it makes you feel. 

5. And finally, don’t lose sight of your VISION. Always keep in your mind where you want to be, where you want to go & how you’ll get there. Sometimes the journey isn’t a smooth one but as the saying goes ‘Nothing worth doing was ever easy.’ As any of you guys who run will know. I’m keeping sight of wanting to run London next year so trying to start preparing now so that I’m in top condition in April 2017.

thCASJ58Y2I hope this little summary has been useful. I should really take this onboard myself as I can be really guilty of doing it.

My Mum’s friend always said ‘Whatever you put out into the Universe, you’ll get back. Think right, run right… Right?


5 thoughts on “5 important steps to a positive mindset

      1. It does. I’d love to commit to a consistent meditation practice but never seem to find the time, I can run 100+ miles a week no problem but can’t sit for 10 minutes a day, something doesn’t sound right there! Anyway, a bit of focussed breathing and channelled thought goes a very long way. Give it a go. At worst you’ve wasted 20 seconds

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