Review: Forever Lite Protein

Hands up who’s confused about protein shakes? I will put my hand up and admit this to you all. Totally flummoxed. Well confused.

I’ve been looking for a protein powder that doesn’t make me look like Arnold Schwarzenegger but fills me up and fixes my well-beaten muscles after a run, gym, Zumba or swimming session. I know there will be many of you out there who don’t agree with these shakes and I realise that protein from natural source is best (I don’t have time to go chasing cows to munch on their proteiny legs) but for those days that I haven’t got time, this helps.

In a series of reviews, I’ll be looking at a couple of products that I’m using but also recommending to others.

So, to the good stuff.

What is it?

Forever Lite with Aminotein is a filling protein shake containing 2g of fat but a great 24g of protein. It comes in 2 flavours (chocolate and vanilla) and can be used on the go for busy folk like me.


The key factors:

Mixability: For those of you who use protein shakes know, sometimes they don’t mix very well and can leave a whole load of your shake right at the bottom of your shaker. I noticed that the Lite mixture combined really well with milk so I didn’t have to try and scrape it off the shaker! It mixes really well with skimmed milk, almond milk and coconut milk to give it even more flavour.

Quantity: For the price, you get 15 shakes per bag. So if you wanted to take it away with you on your jolly holidays or away to do a running challenge, it’s in an easily transportable bag with a scoop. Very handy! Will be taking some away to London Marathon with me next year.

Taste: It tastes really good. On its own it’s pretty yummy but mixed with different fruit of varying degrees it tastes even better. This one was a favourite but excuse the colour! It was Blueberry Blush (Forever Lite Vanilla, Almond Milk, Blueberrries, Strawberries and a dash of honey)



Mixing Suggestions

Banana Mama ( Forever Lite Vanilla, Almond Milk, a banana, a pinch of cinnamon, and a squidge of Forever Honey)

Very Berrylicious (Forever Lite Vanilla, Skimmed Milk, handful of strawberries, handful of mixed summer berries, a dash of cherry juice)

Cocobana (Forever Lite Vanilla, Coconut Milk, a banana, some chunks of fresh pineapple and a squeeze of lime)

Peanut Butter Cup (Forever Lite Vanilla, Almond Milk, Peanut Butter and Banana)

My preference: I prefer this to the shakes I’ve tried before. I like the taste, how well it mixes and the fact there’s only 2g of fat and 24g of protein, perfect for when I’ve finished a run and I’m starving hungry! (Also good beforehand for energy)

If anyone fancies knowing anything more, let me know!

Onto the chocolate one next… Keep you posted!


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