Getting back in the swing


As the title suggests, I’ve been a bit AWOL on the old blogging and indeed serious running for a short while! But I’m back and throwing myself in with gusto.

No more monkeying around

It’s been a busy few months, what with starting my own business, joining a local drama society, sorting out my mental health and medication and getting back to being out in the fresh air. I seriously missed it. As did my mind. It was climbing the proverbial walls and the anxiety was just spurring it on.

However, I’m back. No more monkeying about for me. I’ve got a 10k run in 4 weeks and a Half Marathon in 7 weeks. The training is on.

Dedicated to the 5ks

I’ve been trying to make sure the running doesn’t slip altogether despite everything else taking over. I started up a work running club so have been heading this up for a few months and making sure that I’m out every Monday doing the minimum of 5k. So far, my total number of runners has been 3 but I’m always optimistic. It makes me lace up my trainers and get out there which is always a godsend.

Parkrun has been a really good motivator too, getting up on a Saturday morning and pounding the paths with 500 other runners. I’m more motivated when I’m running with other people. This is probably true of all of us! I managed a cheeky PB which hasn’t happened in some time so it can only mean things are on the up.

Onwards and upwards

I managed to let things get on top of me in the past few months and my mental health has suffered for it. Running is my saviour and helps me to take a breath from the madness. August is the start of something. My journey to London. My aim is to run the 2017 London Marathon (to celebrate being 30 next year) and I want to do it in style. The slow road to the Marathon starts here.It’s scary but I can’t wait.

For now, the focus is on getting a good 10k and half marathon time.

No hanging back, no more being thrown out of the swing.


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