World Poetry Day 2017


Isn’t that great? I love poetry. And actually, it seems to like me.

I used to be really into writing it to help soothe my angry and emotional mind. It helped keep the waves at bay so I didn’t feel like I was suffocating.

I still write things every now and again but running has become my go-to. It helps me to shake off the extreme feelings and clear my mind, making way for calmer thoughts.

But to pay tribute to it, I wrote a quick poem (seeing as it’s World Poetry Day)

You blow the cobwebs from my mind,

Get my stubborn feet out the door,

You give me comfort in the great wide open,

As my feet pound the concrete floor.

You give the internal storm a place to rage,

My teacup now filled with peace,

Calm the monster in the cage,

You let me breathe that sigh of relief.

You let me legs run as fast as they can,

You’re letting me feel free,

My worries are still in my mind,

But you’re keeping them away from me.

If only the others knew you like I do,

You’d help them feel the same,

Saving them from all the storms and monsters,

Helping their minds feel tame.

So, the moral of the poem? If you’ve had a stressful day and your mind’s raging, get out onto the streets and run. Run for your sanity, peace of mind and as a gift to your lungs. Get rid of all the anxiety and see what it’s like.

I guarantee it’s addictive.





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